I, Paul MacPherson, being recently appointed as a NPCA Board member and representative for the Town of Lincoln, do solemnly swear to comply with NPCA Board Member Regulations 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I swear to, as a Board member, keep all confidential information and relevant knowledge including but not limited to that relating to properties, staffing and legal matters confidential both during and after their term; to not divulge, disclose, provide or disseminate Confidential Information to any third party, at any time without written authorization from the Board Chair.

Furthermore, I understand that all Confidential Information shall not be used for any purpose other than its reasonable use in the normal performance of duties for the NPCA.

Finally, I acknowledge that these practices are essential to the operation of the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority and the well-being and privacy of our customers, staff and partners.

Signed by: _________________________
Paul MacPherson
Board Member, NPCA
Date: _________________________
Witnessed by: _________________________
Mark Brickell
Chief Administrative Officer, NPCA
Date: _________________________