From day one Andy fought on every front that which he perceived was not in the best interest of his St. Catharines constituents and he never lost sight of the needs for all Niagara’s citizens.

He pleaded on behalf of our dwindling companies, securing hundreds of precious jobs; more than our Niagara Economic Development Corporation could claim in its fifteen year and $30million history.

Working with a courageous new breed of Regional Councilors, Andy was forced to ‘Straight Arm’ a malicious ‘Old Guard’ bent on ridding themselves of anyone like Andy who threatened the stodgy quiet of their little country club.

Although outnumbered by a Machiavellian Old Guard and hostile bureaucrats, the new breed of councilors saved $millions on such things as garbage collection. They stood firm against errant Regional departments. They have made great strides in inhibiting committees from their free-wheeling ways.

Mr. Haskell,
I took the liberty of copying the senior staff "team" at Region Inc.
As you know, I fought bitterly and hard against the Clerk's office at the beginning of this term to remove the anti-democratic and ultra-offensive language that the previous council approved unanimously (including Mayor McMullan who attempted to subsequently jump on the "let's change that" bandwagon when I caught Council out) during the waning hours of the last term which banned the public from speaking to Council.
With regards to your present disgust, I agree. Any attempts to pigeonhole our public from addressing their full Council (with the cameras running) by trying to push them into obsequious committees is just another, albeit veiled, gag order in disguise. Democracy may not be convenient when some choose to disagree and want to be heard but democracy by convenience is a giant step towards tyranny.
Staff at Region Inc. needs to remember who sets policy and who ultimately enforces policy. That would be the people via their elected, and too often, mute representatives! It's high time for some senior staff of Niagara's H.M.S. Region aircraft carrier to go back to manners school and get re-educated about how government should work in Niagara, far from how it does work today.
Stand strong, Mr. Haskell, to the truth and it will surely set Niagarans free from the darkness which tries to overcome it.
God's speed to you, sir, and may God bless (and protect) Niagara.

Seeing the direction the Niagara Regional Government was taking us, Andrew (Andy) Petrowski realized the only way to help was to 'run for office'.

There is no doubt that one single event prompted Andy's decision. It was hearing the words; "even people who live in stick houses can afford"
Andy made his pre-election ‘soup can’ charge stating that the proposed $1.2million tax increase proposed to be removed from our children’s mouths was more important than new executive offices and that any tax hike was more than those ‘living in straw houses’ can afford.  Andy agreed with some Regional councillors that there was more than enough unspent tax dollars to actually justify a tax cut.   
Report by Marlene Bergsma, St. Catharines Standard, Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2010.
During Monday February 22, 2010 city council meeting, Preston Haskell of the citizens' group, The Niagara Winners Circle, asked councillors why city services seem to be more expensive in St. Catharines than elsewhere.
Haskell said St. Catharines residents pay $145 per capita for fire services, while the BMA Management Consulting survey of 87 cities shows the provincial average is $113.
St. Catharines spends $110 per capita on transit, while the BMA average is $57.
St. Catharines spends $8,784 per lane kilometre on roads, while the provincial average is $2,161.
    City treasurer Shelley Chemnitz said some of the discrepancy is due to different reporting techniques used by various municipalities, but said she would prepare a report explaining the differences.
Petrowski of St. Catharines
Representing St. Catharines as a Regional Councillor
Petrowski Saving Taxpayers $1.2
Million Dollars.
Petrowski pleading for police body cameras for safety reasons and  $70 Million tax saving
Petrowski exposed irregularities in a multi-million Dollar tender contract
Coming to the aid of a mutiple amputtee is totally in character for Councillor Petrowski.
It was Petrowski that pleaded to protect our Niagara Industry, Jobs and Prosperity