Letter to Editor

Support police board members

Niagara residents owe a big thank you to this current police services board. This is the first board in a long time that, under chair Bob Gale and previous vice-chair Andy Petrowski, dared to take a stand against the Niagara police administration and its police union.

Petrowski was made a scapegoat by the administration and the union for bluntly speaking out and scrutinizing NRP expenditures. This board demanded accountability and responsible spending on behalf of the taxpayers, resulting in significant savings to the dismay of the administration and the union.

This tax year is the first year in a long time we didn’t see an increase in the police budget at the expense of taxpayers. Previous boards were like rag dolls in the hands of the NRP.

The NRP is already taking more than 40 per cent from Niagara’s total tax revenues. This board is doing a great service for Niagara residents, so please speak out and support them.

Rob Janssen

Thin-skinned Burch should get over it

First, he targeted a Niagara police services board member. Now municipal councillors.

Jeff Burch should grow some skin and get over how he felt he was treated by legitimate questioning.

City Couns. Sal Sorrento and Mike Britton have every right to hold the Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre executive director accountable for the way he spends city tax dollars at the folk arts festival.

And shame on city council for wasting $450 an hour to hire an integrity commissioner for a frivolous, politically-motivated complaint by the failed mayoral candidate.

Councillors, get back to what you were elected to do: watch the public purse and oversee delivery of essential services. Leave your personal agendas at city hall’s front door. Mr. Burch, focus on refreshing the stale and dated folk arts festival.

Andy Petrowski

Niagara regional councillor

St. Catharines