Political Conspiracy

For the first time in the history of the Niagara Regional Police (NRP) the Niagara Regional Police Service Board (NRPSB) held the police budget to zero percent increase.

Of course the credit or blame, depending on your point of view, fell squarely on the shoulders of police board member, Andy Petrowski, predicated no doubt, on the fact that the Regional Councilor is a well-known tax fighter.

As sure as night follows day you just knew that the forces of ‘tax and spend’ would move heaven and earth to get Petrowski removed from his police board position. With the upcoming vote for the 2016 police board they struck.

Who are they you might well ask? One of the conspirators was former City of St. Catharines Jeff Burch (the very same Jeff Burch who objects to scrutiny of his Folk Arts) who launched a complaint against Petrowski ostensibly predicated on Burch’s bogus claim that Petrowski made an off-colour tweet while a member of the police board.

Burch backed up his complaint with inaccurate evidence. Burch’s evidence had the actual date cut off. The actual date of the tweet was long before Petrowski was voted onto the police board. As the attached email shows the secretive Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) apologized for the invalid complaint as follows: 'The first is I would like to apologize for the error with respect to the date of posting of the photograph and caption. You are quite right to point out that the date was wrong and pre-dated your time on the Police Services Board. I am sorry for the frustration that must have caused'.

So that means Petrowski was cleared and could return to the board for the crucial vote?

Not at all!

The conspirators against the Tax-fighter continued with further trumped up and spurious charges to delay Petrowski’s return to duty. They called on the OPCP to delay Petrowski’s return on the basis of Petrowski not agreeing with same sex marriage and concern with the vetting process of Muslims.

Question: When did not agreeing with same sex marriage or concern over the vetting process of Muslims become a barrier to employment?

News Alert Niagara is concerned by the following possible conspirator’s effort to corrupt our society; The Chief of Police Jeff McGuire, Jeff Burch, Liberal MP Bittle, the Ontario Civilian Police Commission, The St. Catharines Standard Newspaper.


Even having Petrowski stepping down wasn't good enough for the ‘tax and spend’ crowd.

It did not sit well with the ‘big spenders’ when Regional Chair Caslin exorcized his right to fill in the missing position vacated by Petrowski.
In a failed squalid attempt to seat another ‘Big Spender’ and useless, obsequious and dangerous anti-civilian on our NRPS Board they sent that master of ‘Spend’, Mayor Dave Augustyn of Pelham to challenge the Regional Chair’s right to sit on the police board.

And just who voted in favor of Councilor Augustyn’s pernicious motion.  There was the former police service board chair D’Angela who found it acceptable for the NRP to harbor criminals and perjurers.

Then there was Regional Councilor Burroughs who also cost the citizens of our region $100's of thousands in a law suit over his denial of constitutional rights.

The St. Catharines Standard Newspaper published many quotes from current and failed councilors that had a lot of negative things to say about Petrowski but no comment on their own catastrophic and $multi-million failures on Niagara Regional Council!

The one thing that the socialists are good at is getting rid of any opposition to their ‘Tax and Spend’ predilections.

Petrowski fighting tax increases even before running for Regional Council
Petrowki addressing  NRPSB about his concerns even before being voted on the board
Complainant submitted false document
Tweet: "There goes the fishing trip"