Tony Quirk: Actually, what happened was that as the closed session began, a recording device was found hidden in operation under a hat at the media table. The location of the device and the way it was hidden made it clear that the intent was to attempt to record the meeting. At that point, the meeting was suspended and staff investigated further. At Mayor Augustyn's suggestion, the police were called by staff.

Regional staff could not determine if Bill's computer was being used to record, but it was turned on. Until a determination of who had planted the recording device and assurances could be made that none of the devices had been used to record, staff erred on the side of caution and handed the matter over to police to investigate.

It is a violation of the criminal code to attempt to record a conversation or deliberation to which the party attempting to record does not have standing.

The device was found beside Bill's seat. I don’t believe he was the one making the recording, but the police will investigate who owned the recording device and probably be able to determine that from any other recordings present. I have my own suspicions of who was the culprit.

Debbie MacGregor, if you had been in attendance, I think you would have a better understanding of what happened.

I am glad staff followed Mayor Augustyn's advice and called the police. They can sort it out.
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Preston Haskell: There goes the foul-mouthed lying bully again!
The recording device belonged to me, Preston Haskell and not to the veteran Standard reporter!
The recorder was situated on the top of the recorders pouch directly in front of my media desk seat and in plain view to allow unfettered access to sound.
The recorder was not hidden under a hat or anything as stated by the foul-mouthed lying bully.
Preston Haskell gathers his notes via audio recording because of handicap.
What happened was that Preston went to the washroom when all the sh’t hit the fan.
Mayor Dave Augustyn is aware of the recorder because he tried to illegally ban all audio recording as Mayor in his Pelham Council chamber.
They gathered up my hat, scarf, coat, camera and even the recorders pouch but confiscated my recorder.
If they were so concerned by the recorder why didn’t they have it ALSO removed by security or did they feel it would continue recording from outside council?
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Preston Haskell: They know exactly who owned the recorder because security was so informed by me! There never was a deliberate attempt to record in-camera.

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Friday December 8, 2017