Here are links to the U.N. covenants. Our charter of rights and freedoms and the wording in our constitution is derived from these international covenants and treaties, that is why when you look at these documents, you will notice very similar wording to our constitution and they have the full force of law in Canada as of 1976 when Canada was a signatory to these covenants and treaties. When used together with our constitution, these 3 pillars of law cannot be disputed in court. Human rights MUST come before any other rights are achieved. Keep in mind, that in our constitution the charter of rights and freedoms was forced on Canada in 1976 by all signatories(including Canada) of the covenants and came into law in 1982 along with our “new and improved ” constitution act of 1982. Up until 1982, there was no section in our constitution that governed the rights of the human being, there were no personal rights in Canada until the charter of rights and freedoms was introduced into our constitution in 1982. The 1867 constitution did NOT have any fundamental rights for human beings, only codes of conduct and rules for governments.  These two covenants below are actually common law in writing. If anyone tells you that’s not true, then you will know that you know more about your rights than they do.

And here are two great websites that personally I have learned an enormous amount with. I highly recommend EVERYONE who is thinking seriously about learning their rights, take time to THOROUGHLY read the information and watch the many great videos  on these two websites. If you don’t take time to read and listen to the information on these two websites, you will never get to properly learn, know and exercise your inherent human rights.

Human Rights
If you don't know and excersize your rights you don't have any!