From: Preston Haskell [] Sent: Monday, October 21, 2013 9:06 AMTo: ''Subject: Person at Risk
Dear Chief,I was called in to photograph the living conditions regarding the lifestyle of Mr. Bob Hansplant.It was obvious the man would be in danger in case of fire or smoke.Address 15 Gale Crescent, Apt. 415I have sent the following link for your perusal:
Preston Haskell

P.S. I Would appreciate knowing if and when an inspection has been conducted.

Dear Chief Mehlenbacher,Talked to Mr. Bob Hansplant last evening. He tells me that he has not seen anyone from the fire department.There is a serious concern for this man’s safety.I’m sending a second link for your further information:
Preston Haskell

From: Mehlenbacher, Mark [] Sent:
Monday, November 04, 2013 10:10 AMTo: 'Preston Haskell'Subject: RE: Citizen at risk
Mr. Haskell:I understand that the Region is aware of this and is dealing with it.

That’s right Chief Mehlenbacher, Niagara Regional Housing has been dealing THIS for four years and will be dealing with THIS for at least another four months (Feb/Mar) when they say they will have a proper handicap premises available.

I went out of my way to voluntarily provide you with Mr. Hansplant’s high risk living conditions and the danger he faces from FIRE and SMOKE.

When I became aware of Mr. Hansplant’s FOUR YEAR ORDEAL perpetrated by NRH I became incensed that THIS could happen in our community and in this day and age. Our only remedy is to expose and report improper conduct.

Chief Mehlenbacher, the victim lives a mere two blocks from your office and yet you take the word of the perpetrators of this travesty rather than inspecting the DANGEROUS living conditions of Mr. Hansplant.

God forbid anything should happen to Mr. Hansplant because Chief I don’t think the excuse of ‘I took their word for it’ will carry much weight.

Have a nice day Chief and rest assured that I will not bother you again.

Astonished and disappointed,
Preston Haskell
2 landlords alarmed:$9,000 fire safety fines

St. Catharines, Ontario – Two local landlords are paying the price for not following fire safety rules.
A St. Catharines landlord was fined $6,000 on July 14 after pleading guilty in provincial offences court to two counts of failing to maintain a smoke alarm in operating condition and one count of failing to install a smoke alarm at a six-unit apartment building he owns at 2 South Dr.
The offences were discovered because of complaints made to St. Catharines Fire Services in February of this year.
In another case, a numbered company operating a single-family rental home was fined $3,000 on July 14 after pleading guilty to two counts of failing to maintain a smoke alarm in operating condition and one count of failing to install a smoke alarm at 95 Page St.
The offences at Page Street also stem from complaints to St. Catharines Fire Services back in March of this year. A number of mitigating factors were considered in the sentencing, resulting in a lesser fine in this case.
“These landlords could have saved themselves a lot of money and time if they had just obeyed the law,” said Nancy Macdonald-Duncan, chief fire prevention officer. “They are lucky, though, that the price paid wasn‟t much higher. Fortunately, the infractions were found before anyone was hurt or killed.”
It‟s not like the landlord and/or the landlord‟s staff had no options to learn the law.
St. Catharines Fire Services‟ Fire Prevention division provides fire safety training for superintendents and apartment building staff responsible for the maintenance and operation of fire safety systems.
Tenants should take heart from the above fines to encourage their landlords to provide a safe environment; or report their landlord to Fire Prevention if the landlord appears less than keen.
For more information, contact Fire Prevention at 905-688-5601, ext. 4224.    4207
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